Low Testosterone (Low T)

As we age, The testosterone in our body, which is responsible for our sex drive, decreases. While there are For many men, this decrease in testosterone can begin with some men in their 30s. While the most common, and probably most noticeable symptom is a reduced sexual interest and a feeling of less energy or excitement, some other more serious symptoms include diabetes, depression, hypertension and coronary artery disease.

Causes of Low Testosterone

Many times these changes are a normal part of aging, but some men develop very low levels of testosterone due to their medication usage, genetic tendencies, normal aging or a combination of all of these influences. Obesity, diabetes, injury to the testicles, infection, and other chronic diseases can also play roles in causing this condition. Low testosterone can lead to a drop in bone density, which could lead to osteoporosis. Most noticeably, men with low testosterone lose muscle mass, are more tired, and don’t seem to enjoy life as much as when they were younger.

Diagnosis & Treatment

There are plenty of store-front Low T clinics available, but those locations aren't required to adhere to the same standards of safety and health as Physicians East. Our board certified endocrinologists can test your blood and determine if the level of testosterone in your body is normal for your age. The recent advancements on Low T treatment have opened the door for oral and topical medications as well as injectable and subcutaneous medication. Talk to your endocrinologist and discuss the right treatment option for you.