Common Chronic Skin Conditions

Sometimes the discomfort from chronic skin conditions is not only skin-deep. The pain, stress and self-consciousness caused by these conditions can be more debilitating than the condition itself. Fortunately, modern treatment options have improved significantly in both effectiveness and scope, giving you better options to treat your chronic skin conditions. Physicians East's Dermatology department treats the following common chronic skin conditions. Learn more about them below, and discover how proper treatment can help you live comfortably in your own skin.


When your skin follicles become plugged with oil and dead cells, the skin condition called acne is produced.  The condition is most common in teenagers but any age group can be affected... Read More

Cutaneous Lupus

Lupus can cause skin disease, including erythema and sores that appear on sun-exposed areas. This disease often affects women age 20-50... Read More


There are various dermatitis conditions, and while not all of them are necessarily chronic, they all require treatment. Dermatitis can affect anyone at any age, and there are a variety of risk factors involved... Read More


Psoriasis causes thick patches of silvery skin due to rapid growth of skin cells. These thick patches are called plaques... Read More


Rosacea is a form of adult acne that is both chronic and common.  Redness of the face, fine red lines, and an enlarged and bulbous nose are all linked to this condition... Read More