Treatment Options

While our cardiologists would agree that the best way to treat heart disease is to improve your diet and exercise program as soon as possible, in many cases, medication or surgery are used to help improve and regulate the flow of blood to and from the heart, ensure the heart is pumping as it should and keep the heart working properly. In some cases, heart disorders aren't the result of the diet and exercise, and in those cases, medication and surgical treatment are the primary course of action.

Physicians East provides services to treat various cardiac conditions and heart problems, ranging from non-invasive medication treatments to the most complicated surgery. Our providers have years of experience successfully treating cardiac issues using the latest and most trusted treatment options available. If you require surgical treatment, your Physicians East cardiologist will work directly with your surgeon in pre-op planning and post-op recovery. Learn more about our various treatment options below, and schedule your appointment today.

Medication Treatment Options

Many cardiac conditions can be managed with medication. Medication is often prescribed to control blood pressure and cholesterol, to help control irregular heartbeat, and to decrease your chance of heart attack or stroke. Your cardiologist will assess your individual condition, and work with you to make recommendations that fit your needs and circumstances. Medication is often most effective when used in conjunction with an appropriate diet and exercise program. Always make sure you check with your physician before beginning any exercise program to determine if your heart is healthy for exercise.

Surgical Treatment Options

Surgery may be necessary when medical or diet and exercise remedies are no longer practical, or for some conditions that cannot be treated with medication alone. Your cardiologist will work with you to assess your individual needs and provide surgical recommendations when needed. The team at Physicians East will work with your entire network of care providers to ensure that the surgical recommendation is an effective part of your whole-health care plan.