Routine Screenings

Routine screenings are an important part of health maintenance for patients and are usually discussed in the annual wellness visit. Recommended routine screening tests for healthy adults include but are not limited to:

  • Cholesterol screening every 5 years unless more routine screening is recommended by the healthcare practitioner
  • Breast cancer screening (mammography) every 2 years for women from age 50 to 74 years of age
  • Colon cancer screening (colonoscopy) for all patients starting at age 50 then every 10 years after
  • Hepatitis C screening once for all patients born between 1945-1965

Additional screening tests may be required for patients who have certain chronic conditions. These patients can discuss their need for additional tests with their Physicians East healthcare provider.

Physicians East has many other diagnostic testing services available at its main campus along with a full diagnostic reference and pathology lab and a fully staffed surgical endoscopy center, if more complex screenings are recommended. For more information about the variety of services we offer, click here.